Terms & Conditions





1.In order to participate in APL/888PL events you must be able to be reasonably contactable through means including telephone or email or other suitable means and be a valid member of the APL and/or 888PL. The APL/888PL reserves its right to award any prize based on its commercial best interests and any factor it considers it should consider in such circumstances. Should you be less than 21 years of age and any prize or event awarded by the APL/888PL requires that you be at least 21 years of age, the prize will be held by the APL/888PL for you until you are of sufficient age.


2.Persons ineligible to participate in THE MAIN EVENT includes:
I.a.Any director, shareholder and or manager of Full House Group and its subsidiary product companies.
II.b.All persons employed by Full House Group (i.e. APL/888PL Licensees, RM’s, TD’s) and their spouse, and all those people who have been employed previously within a period of the last thirty (30) days.
III.c.Any other party the APL considers unfit to participate for any reason, including reasons of a conflict of interest. Where the APL will consider the same to ensure that its interests and those of the events are protected at all times.
IV.d.Any player who’s ban period includes the dates of any MAIN EVENT tournament


3.In order to be eligible to win any prize of the APL/888PL the APL/888PL member must meet all criteria set out by the APL/888PL. For any game, that includes compliance with the Conditions and any information seen at the www.playAPL.com & www.888pl.com.au sites on the qualification process or other authorised publication of the APL/888PL. The APL/888PL reserves the right to vary the means of qualification from time to time.


4.Further, THE MAIN EVENT has the following conditions that must be met, namely:

a.All authorised conditions of entry as advertised by the APL/888pl from time to time must be adhered to, including having played a minimum number of ‘live’ games.

b.Tickets are transferable only to active players who has played 10 games within the APL, 888PL and Pub Poker leagues since February 2014. All transfers have to be approved by FHG head office on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

c.To play in the Main Event you have to be a regular player which is decided by playing at least 10 games since February 2014.

d.MAIN EVENT entry tickets have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for money or its worth;

e.Multiple entry winners are to contact Full House Group on 03 9644 1600 to discuss options for their second ticket.

f.Photo ID is required to register for The Main Event.

g. Approximately the top 10% of the players at THE MAIN EVENT will be awarded prizes. This is indicative only and may vary from time to time. Where the APL/888PL will publish an event schedule and tournament structure. However, this may be subject to change from time to time, if need be.

h. It is required that all players show their Crown Signature membership card at registration, those who are not a Crown Signature member will have to sign up, it is free and you can opt out of all communications at point of signing up.

i. Direct buy-ins to The Main Event have to have played at least 10 games since Feb, 2014 and making at least $1,200 in cash and prizes or to have played 30 games since Feb, 2014.

j. Full House Group reserves the right to alter terms and conditions of The Main Event at any time without notice.


5.If for any reason any THE MAIN EVENT is not capable of being run, you will have no right against the APL/888PL for any damage or compensation. The APL/888PL is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by any player at any game (for whatever reason) and you agree to indemnify the APL/888PL against such loss and damage.

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